It is the person who has the pulse of everything

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It is the person who has the pulse of everything

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In this first part of what is a project manager i will emphasize project management from a more internal point of view within the company. Although the management profile is not formally within the creative team it is the person with the most knowledge of the client who listens to him understands him and accompanies him throughout the relationship. Therefore the synergies that are created between management and creativity are of great value. As susanna rueda director of strategy at summa points out in environments in which creativity plays a fundamental role in the success of projects the management of these projects also becomes the management of the emotions of the people who develop them. There is no creativity without sensitivity so one of the main traits that characterize a good project manager is emotional intelligence.

Always focus on the “how” without jewelry retouch service forgetting the “what”. The project manager is a lover of creativity vibrates with the teams and is a generator of ideas. It is a caregiver profile. It takes into account the good understanding of the different teams understanding that the human factor is the most precious engine. Take care of the maintenance of a good working environment which improves motivation and performance. Take care that the processes are as optimal as possible for all parties managing timings and deliveries in the best possible way. Carles griset summas brand consultant defines this profile as the key element for everything to work and go well.


Pending not only managing the projects and ensuring their success but also managing the people involved guiding supervising and improving the process at a work and human level. In short the management profile is a part that is sometimes not very visible but fundamental in the development of the project from start to finish. that happens and can turn sails based on changes and needs. He is the one who makes nothing fall. although it seems like the headline of one of those documentaries about felines and many of you who know me will be thinking that this association is due once again to my love for cats i have wanted to write about this topic for a long time.